At every aspect of Cafuné, quality is a guiding principle - from material sourcing, design and development, manufacturing, customer experience to communications. We believe the pursuit of quality is a prerequisite to growing Cafuné. 

Craftsmanship is what sets us apart. We want you to always be surprised by the high level of craftsmanship in our products. To do so, we keep a tight working relationship with our manufacturer - constantly running quality checks, giving feedback and working with them to improve and innovate.  

All this means more time and resources spent per product, and slower turnaround per production run. But we believe this is time well-spent, because quality adds great value and life to our products. Investing in quality is an investment in the future.


Materials play a major role in determining quality. It is important to understand the origin and the manufacturing process of the materials we use, in order to monitor and control their performance.

Sourcing worldwide, all materials are evaluated by our team in terms of aesthetics, stability and overall impact to the environment.

We endeavour to always be more thoughtful and careful in selecting materials that can deliver the finest Cafuné products, whilst keeping an eye out on new technology-enabled materials for future collections.


Leather Working Group Gold-rated tannery that produces with minimal environmental and social impact.



Made from existing plastic in the environment, such as PET bottles, industrial polyester waste and polyester garments.



A recycled fibre from pre-consumer materials such as garment scraps and fabric by-products.



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