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Thoughtful Design, Carefully Crafted and Distinctly Iconic 

cafuné [ka.fu.ˈnɛ, Portugese]
the gesture of brushing through a loved one’s hair

Founded in 2015 by lifelong friends Queenie Fan and Day Lau, Cafuné is a modern fashion brand that seeks to redefine the notion of luxury: reimagining it in terms of the attachment and emotional connection between a wearer and an item.

Thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted and distinctly iconic, the brand’s playful silhouettes balance modern and classic elements to create timeless designs. Exploring new possibilities and unconventional materials in unique ways, Cafuné is for creative and independent people who celebrate individuality.

People, Environment, Longevity 

Sustainability is an integral part of Cafuné. People, environment and longevity are the principle factors guiding our decisions, and key considerations in shaping the future of Cafuné.

As a brand, we have the ability to directly empower and inspire the people involved in the creation and consumption of fashion. We believe everyone matters, and should be treated with respect, equality and integrity.

At Cafuné, we are committed to protecting the environment, taking full responsibility on how and what we consume and produce. Every material is carefully chosen and reflects our commitment to preserving the environment.

Longevity is our forever goal. Whether it is investing in people to create a sustainable business, minimising our impact on the environment or creating good designs. Everything should last.

Responsible Production and Mindful Consumption 

Adhering to our sustainability commitment, we have built a tight supply chain with a handful of long-term partners that share our values. With full understanding and control over the production process, we can ensure a low environmental impact during production.

Good designs are cherished, often more and more over time. They bring meaning to life, generate conversations and preserve great memories. By offering well-designed Cafuné products in quality materials that lasts, we are encouraging a change in consumption that support a culture of longevity and builds a more circular economy. Be part of the mindful consumption movement today, choose your fashion consciously.