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Cafuné is founded in 2015 and run solely by the two founders for three years.

Building the brand from scratch, those early years were crucial as the founders' hands-on approach ensured Cafuné is always led by its people-first principle.

A focus on customers’ needs and values, and a mindfulness to people we work with guide our decision process.


Having a tight team means we have more control over our supply chain. We work with one main production partner, a family-owned business from our hometown Hong Kong that has been supporting Cafuné since 2017, and a handful of key suppliers around the world.

We believe that everyone in our production network should be celebrated for their talent and skills. They should be working in a safe and stable environment that fosters pride in their work. They should be treated equally, with respect and integrity, and earning a fair wage with benefits.

Throughout the years, we have built a strong relationship and solid mutual trust with our partners.