Model & Vogue Dancer

What motivates you to continue doing what you love in your career, and are there any significant events that have influenced you?

The view from the stage when I'm up there performing. The fans who support me really drive me forward. They're a huge motivation.

How have you established your dance style and built confidence in yourself?

There's this thing called voguing battles. It's not only dancing; you have to do everything including the runway strut, making your face work and picking out your costumes. On top of creating the dance moves, I will have to design the makeup and pick out outfits that stand out for each theme. It is basically like directing a one-man show, which has been a learning curve for me to establish my own style.

Having achieved a lot at a young age in various competitions as a dancer, what sparked your interest in pursuing a career as a dancer?

My mom used to dance, and under her influence I started going to a local dance school from the age of 4. I remember hating it and crying about it when I was little, but at 13 years old, my mom signed me up for a-nation dancer audition and I got in. In the end I performed as a backup dancer in front of 50,000 people. The sight of those blue penlights, the cheers, the whole scene, it just blew me away. After that, I started going to a bigger studio on my own, and that's what led me to the D League.

Have you had any influential female mentors or role models in your journey?

Ai Tominaga, a legendary model. These days, she's also making waves as an actress, but she's really known for her focus on a healthy diet. I love baking, so I often look to her healthy baking and cooking recipes for inspiration.

How do you maintain motivation to become a better version of yourself, and what do you do to keep yourself motivated?

No matter how busy or early in the morning, no matter how little time I have, I always do pilates and yoga stretches every morning for around 40 minutes. I also make time to sunbathe in the morning. Plus, I cook for myself almost every day to make low-carb and high-nutrient foods.

What advice would you give to young female dancers who are looking to make their mark in the industry?

It's not just about dance practice; it's about doing something every day, even just a little bit, like stretching or strength training to build the foundation before practice. It’s about steadily building yourself up, bit by bit, everyday. I believe by doing that you can build confidence in yourself. Also, you must not forget to check yourself in the mirror, not to see how you look but to make sure your posture and balance are good. Those with good postures naturally attract people, so it’s something to be mindful of. 

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