Shipping box & Tissue Paper

In mid-2020, we upgraded our eco-packaging option to make it as eco-friendly and as low impact as possible. Our shipping boxes and customised tissue paper are made of FSC-certified paper - ensuring that they have been harvested and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and that they are recyclable and biodegradable.

Our tissue paper is also acid-, lignin- and sulfur-free so it will not leave behind any chemicals when decomposing.




Instead of traditional petroleum-based ink, we opted to print with soy ink, a type of renewable vegetable-based ink that is made from soy oil. Soy inks have low levels of volatile organic compounds, giving workers more protection and reduces air pollution during the drying process. Soy ink can degrade more than four times faster than traditional ink whilst not leaving behind any petroleum-based products when decomposing.

Soy ink also encourages efficiency in paper recycling because it can be removed more easily than regular ink during de-inking process, resulting in higher quality and cleaner recycled paper.



During sourcing and production, corrugated cardboard boxes and polybags are regularly used for transportation of goods and materials. We have minimised the amount of paper and plastic items, but a certain level is still required for sufficient protection of transported goods.

Therefore we pledged to circulate everything to reduce our environmental impact - all cardboard boxes and poly bags are either reused or recycled. When we have surplus, there are partnering companies in close proximity who can take our supplies. We will keep on exploring packaging design and smart materials, to achieve the goal of reducing overall material needs.

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