Founded in 2015 by lifelong friends Queenie Fan and Day Lau, Cafuné is a modern fashion brand that interprets luxury as a commitment to versatility, mindfulness and longevity.

Queenie is the head designer at Cafuné, she attuned her aptitude for balancing form and function while working for brands including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Coach and rag & bone.

A communications and operations expert, Day is the managing director at Cafuné. She sharpened her aptitude for strategic thinking, marketing and public relations in the architecture and real estate sectors, working with international firms.

Design Philosophy

Cafuné は、独自のデザイン美学から成る構造や細部に強いこだわりを持っています。


厳選された素材のみを使用し、汎用性、マインドフルネス、長持ちを理念としています。常に独創的な方法で新しい可能性を探究し続ける Cafuné は、個性豊かな現代女性のためのブランドです。