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Sustainability should be, and has to be,
an integral part of modern life. 


Sustainability should be, and has to be, an integral part of modern life. It is not only something nice to have, and certainly should not be an afterthought. Sustainability has been the forefront factor guiding all our decisions in creating Cafuné’s first Conscious Collection.

As a brand, we have the ability to directly inspire and influence manufacturers we work with and consumers in our community. Working with vendors that fully understand and control their production process, whilst continuously minimising their impact on the environment, we are encouraging a culture of responsible production.

Whereas fast fashion champions over-indulgence, mindful consumption is on the other end of the spectrum. By offering well-designed Cafuné products that are timeless, in quality materials that last for a long time, we are creating a culture of longevity that also feeds into a more circular economy.


Cafuné puts people at the forefront. With a small team and lean supply chain, everyone matters, and are treated with respect, equality and integrity.


Cafuné grows with the backbone of a conscious business model, through responsible production and encouraging mindful consumption.


For now, and for all future generations as well. Designing with longevity and circularity in mind, we make quality products that last.